May 2015 – my daughter was born, the happiest day of life.

August 2015 – my husband was violently murdered, the worst day of my life.

Here I am writing about it all. Here I am sharing part of me. Who am I though?

I am widow to one of the most incredible men I have ever known.

I am mother to a beautiful little girl, the light of my life.

I am who I always was, yet I am different, because death changes everything.

The aim of this blog is to share my thoughts put down into words, to share information that I find useful whether for life, love, parenting, running a business as a mom, moving halfway across the world or surviving grief, to connect with other human beings who I may learn from or who may even gain something from what I share and sometimes just to release my emotion and share my faith.

The purpose?

To prove to my daughter that life is worth living, there is beauty to be found and that through faith, hope, and love you can create a beautiful life no matter the pain you have endured.

These are my honest notes to the world.

Mondi Gale Karvouniaris