I will fight for you

What I wrote below I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago because I felt that someone needed to hear this. The response I received was incredible but also the private messages made me realize there is so much hurt and sorrow out there. So here I am […]

The Victim Impact Statement

Today, after 4 years, the person who was responsible for the death of one of the greatest men I have ever known has began his prison sentence. Yesterday justice was served. Yesterday a letter I had written, my victim impact statement, was read in court. I was not […]

Paralysed by Overwhelm

Over the last two years I have been living in limbo. At least I feel I have been in limbo in my own house. Then again perhaps not. I need to remind myself that I had managed to have two apartments renovated on my property last year. This […]

There is no place like home

There is a saying that home is where the heart is. My heart is torn between this life and the next. My home is both here and in the afterlife. My home was and is so much more than my house but I have been struggling to remember that home is not the building or the address. Home is forever in my heart.